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A comp project that I created based on Florent Lebrun's concept art - "mushrooms" on Artstation:

The cola cans, as well as ice cubes, were modeled and rendered in Houdini 18.

Inspired by Tim van Helsdingen. Using Houdini 18 for the flip simulation and rendered with Arnold.

For this project, I created both versions using Substance Suite and all the shots were rendered inside UE4 with Raytracing.
Models credit: Quixel Megascans

All elements except the background in this work were generated by Houdini 18.

Here is my procedural modeling test of San Pietro in Montorio. Done in Houdini.

Procedural modeling of seashells and VEX caustics. Made in Houdini 18.

Inspired by Mark Fancher's "Pond in the Drop," so I decided to create my own version. All the elements were generated in Houdini 18. Rendered with Arnold. BIG thanks to his assistance in this project also!