Recent Works

Houdini Breaking Wave - M.F.A Thesis

"Enjoy the Journey" - Amtrak mock commercial

Lighting works for VSFX 752

A combination of projects that I've finished in the VSFX 752 class. Rendered in Arnold.

Houdini Bridge Destruction

Trying to simulate the suspension bridge destruction with RBD and vellum. All the elements are generated in Houdini except the Background footage and car models. Rendered in Mantra.

Flowing Lava

Trying to simulate the heavy lava using Houdini with custom viscosity fluid. Models are from Quixel Megascans. Rendered in Mantra.

Bubble Merge

Inspired by Mark Fancher's "Pond in the Drop," so I decided to create my own version. All the elements were generated in Houdini 18. Rendered with Arnold. BIG thanks to his assistance in this project also!


Procedural modeling of seashells and VEX caustics. Made in Houdini 18.